Friday, February 4, 2011

Masing is having problems with Pelagus and Ngemah

Anonymous said in Sebanaku Sarawak "Larry Sng and his future":

PRS Northern Region,

This time Dato Sri James is having great problem in deciding who is his best man to take over Pelagus from Larry who's influence and popularity keeps on increasing everyday. All the potential candidates he try to propagate to wrest {Pelagus does not make any impact in Pelagus. Wonder what Dato Sri's James next move and who is in his mind.....let us all wait and see.

This also goes to Ngemah seat, where YB Gabriel Adit is the incumbent.Gabriel Adit won the seat against Alexander Vincent from BN and Richard Lias from PKR during the last ADUN.

Dato Sri James still insist to take Alexander Vincent (whom was his uncle) again as BN candidate to wrest the seat from YB Gabriel Adit who is now PCM - Sarawak President.

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It is clearly seen that PRS top party leader is practicing NEPOTISM in the party.

Reliable source from Ngemah voters said that, there is no way that Alexander Vincent can win the seat for BN in Ngemah as he have done of more harms then goods.According to this source that he (Alexander Vincent) constantly/contineously making false report together with JASA Sibu. There was no true reporting to Dato Sri James by Alexander and Jasa after his every visit to the ground in Ngemah constituency.

By doing so Alexander Vincent and Jasa Sibu is not only telling lies to Dato Sri president of PRS but also to State and Federal Barisan Nasional Leaders as well. This is a serious act by Alexander and Jasa Sibu if BN want to take the seat from the opposition, therefore a better and winnable candidate must be sought if BN want to win Ngemah seat.

February 3, 2011 8:56 PM

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    It is certainly true that BN will lose in Ngemah if DJJM candidate selection is wrong to the voters in Ngemah.
    I think DJJM realise that SPDP and PBB are campaigning for their own candidate in Ngemah.

    They have been seen moving around in Ngemah so frequently, knowing the fact that Ngemah do not have potential candidate as what they thought of.

    What they know is Alexander Vincent a losing candidate, Dr. Joseph Jawa a PBB and Allison Ludan who is their relative by marriages through their KAYAN's wife.

    All for that reasons, there is no way that this people can win the seat for PRS. They are not after PRS interests and objectives.

    We genuine PRS members are looking at candidate who champion for party causes above personal interest.
    Thereby DJJM must look for this type of person in PRS Ngemah.

    We understand that there are many in Ngemah, who has been building PRS strength and makes PRS relevant in Ngemah until it is today.

    We understand that PRS Ngemah have huge numbers of members totaling more than 4000 members initially, compare to Ngemah total voters only 7589 voters.

    But, why during the last ADUN, Alexander Vincent's votes did not event half of the PRS members voted him?
    DJJM should know the reason WHY????
    The answer is that, he is not a party man or a party leader for PRS Ngemah to represent Ngemah people.

    To conclude, DJJM should not take any candidates which does not have the support from party members and voters of the area. The members and voters are the one who vote for them and not the leader/s. Chose a winnable candidate as told by the PM (Najib).


    I hope DJJM should learned a good lesson from a defeat of Alexander's Vincent, and therefore he should not just simply put any candidate (Dick Tom and Harry) whom voters of Ngemah have objected.
    This is not a game of "cari nasib", where rakyat interest being neglected, five years is a big lose to the people of Ngemah.
    My message to DJJM is to look for a real party man, who will be able to wrest back the seat for BN, I understand that Ngemah PRS is not short of good leaders.


    Who started PRS and at one time leading Ngemah PRS who managed to have several thousand members with him.

    Why is he (PETER) never in the choice of DJJM??

    I hope now DJJM should try to consider.

  3. Salam 1Malaysia.I hope this time DJJM will pick the right candidate for Ngemah as they have been defeated and it's a shame to lose it again as PRS is known as a very strong party.

    As for my oppinion,A.M.N En.Ellison Ludan who is also the President of Dayak Association,Miri should be considered to stand for the coming election.

    He's well known all over sarawak not just for his talent in singing but also for giving motivational talk to our people.He's currently working in Curtin University as a lecturer and before in Sarawak Teacher's College of Miri.

    He should be given a chance.We really hope ngemah will win back this seat because it's a HOT seat i must say.

    good Luck to DJJM and his men.

  4. Ngemah Voters

    We Ngemah voters want Peter Talajan Sabai to stand in Ngemah for BN government. He is the only candidate who can wrest the seat back from YB Gabriel Adit PCM Sarawak PCM Chief.

    He is a low profile person and quite influencial in Ngemah where during his tenure as Ngemah division Chairman, there are 4389 PRS members were with him.

    During Alexander Vincent trying to take over Peter Talajan as Ngemah Division Chairman, PRS members were only listed to 1200 plus.

    Therefore if BN want a winnable candidate Pe3ter Talajan Sabai is a right choice for BN to take over from the opposition.

    We Ngemah voters want Peter Talajan Sabai as we really needs lot of development for our area.

    Think carefully YAB Pehin seri........
    Give Peter Talajan Sabai a chance.......

    From Ngemah voters