Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sng’s supporters are minority

Masing, instead of picking on Larry Sng, you should beef up your party's strength in other constituencies.

If you think that you are really strong, then fight Larry Sng.

But we dare to say that your boy is going to lose!!!

Masing: Sng’s supporters don’t represent majority

Posted on November 27, 2010, Saturday

KUCHING: The so-called supporters of Pelagus assemblyman Larry Sng in Kapit were said to represent the minority.

Their voice did not reflect the true sentiments of the overall Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) members in that constituency.

That was the comment of PRS president Dato Sri Dr James Masing who claimed yesterday that those behind Sng had their own personal agenda and did not represent the majority.

“I know few of the people who were there (at the news conference in Kapit on Thursday). These people depend on Larry for whatever reasons,” said the PRS president.

Masing, who is Land Development Minister, said this in response to statements made by the group at a press conference in Kapit on Thursday.

The group had said they fully supported Sng to become a direct BN member and that folks in Kapit, especially those from Pelagus, still need him.

Sng, who is Assistant Minister in Chief Minister’s Department, won the Pelagus seat in the 2006 state election as a PRS candidate but became partyless after being sacked from the party for insubordination in 2007.

Sng had been in a predicament since, especially when PRS openly and repeatedly stated it had closed its door to him.

Subsequently he faced an uncertain future in his political career.

The direct BN membership would enable him to defend Pelagus seat as a BN candidate though that seems unlikely as Masing had made it clear that Pelagus was a PRS seat, and that they has identified their own candidate for the coming election.

Moreover, the party’s information chief Wilson Nyabong said in a statement released here yesterday: “Acceptance as a BN direct member does not mean the person will be accepted as a direct BN candidate in the election.”

PRS members should not be unduly worried as BN leaders were aware of the various pitfalls of the amendments, he said.

“For instance, if direct BN membership allows members to contest as BN candidates, then it will open a venue for political dissidents or rejects into BN.

“It will be perceived as a back door entry into BN for those who wish to be candidates but cannot go through the normal channel, and this will create more problems rather than solve them,” Nyabong said.


  1. Ngarap Ka Dr James enda nukar runding iya meh lalu anang ngasoh sng berdiri ari PRS. Anang aja damping GE legi lalu lain utai dirunding iya laban udah di beri taib duit ka?/ project ka. Enti taib bebendar ka ngasoh sng berdiri ari bn di kapit dr james tau masang calon bebas ka ulih ngelaban sng maiah berpilih ka datai tok ila. enti taib enggai meda dr james iya tau mai PRS nyadi parti penyakal.

  2. Dato Sri JJM diato pedis pala berunding sapa ke patut oleh ngambi penuduk nya ka PRS/BN dalam bepilih ke ka datai to ila. Laban nembiak Larry to semakin ari semakin kuat...laban semoa bala tuai rumah di menoa nya dalam payroll ia... Arap ka sida tuai ruamh semina ngambi gaji aja tang ngundi ila sida to madah ka nembiak sida ngundi BN...

  3. Ukai semina DJJ tusah berunding ka kandidate di Pelagus aja, DJJ pan pedis pala berunding ka sapa kandidate ke oleh ngambi N43 Ngemah ka PRS. Diato kandidate ke ka di sabong ia di Ngemah diato balat bendar penanggul(Alexander Vincent). Nipu leboh maia sida AGM to kemarie, meri project MRP ngagai bala di Ngemah dia, tang semoa janji nya nadai datai ba orang ke dijanji nya.Ukai semina nya aja ia ngerusak party PRS Ngemah, opis lama party di tutup ketegal ia, barang dalam opis party dibai ia lalu dilalai ka ia di Rumah cikgu. diato ia muka opis party baru. diiato PRS bisi dua iti opis di Ngemah..NAMA KABUAH???? Somebody got to do something esp. PRS HQ...before ROS take action on it.

  4. Enti BN ka menang Alexander Vincent enda oleh nyadi kandidate BN. Ia balat kamah/kotor.... bini ia lebih agi jai.