Saturday, November 6, 2010

Longhouses appeal for proper basic amenities

by Gaing Kunding. Posted on November 6, 2010, Saturday

MATU: The residents of three Iban longhouses at Sungai Ilas, Batang Igan area in Matu District yesterday appealed to the government to provide them with treated water and electricity supply to enhance their hygiene and quality of life.

Additionally, they also appealed to the government to set up a health clinic nearby for the convenience of longhouse folk who are sick and pregnant and good road connecting them to the nearest towns of Igan and Matu.

Currently, all the three longhouses, Rumah Bangit Anyau, Rumah Mering at Telok Deloh and Rumah Dian @ Diana, depend solely on river as their means of transport with the outside world, which is costly and inconvenient.

Rumah Mering enjoys regular electricity supply but no treated water while the other two longhouses have no electricity or water supply.

“We hope the government will give us water and electricity as soon as possible,” said Tuai Rumah Bangit Anyau, stressing that treated water should be a priority because water from Batang Igan and Sungai Ilas has turned muddy and polluted and is not safe for human consumption.

Their plights were conveyed to Matu District Officer Habari Bakar by their longhouse chiefs when Habari visited the longhouses yesterday.

He was accompanied by Matu District Information Officer Zaini Morshidi, officers from Special Affairs Department (Jasa) Matu, Matu district police and Matu district Rela personnel.

The round of visits was organised by Matu District Information Department which involved holding several dialogue sessions with the longhouse folk aimed at getting first-hand information on the needs and problems faced by the residents.

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