Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bow to the Dayak King!!!

By The Four Horsemen
December, 2008

JULAIHI: Awak tak hairan ke, Knight. Kalau pasal Taib, dua budak ni boleh berselisih pendapat. Tapi kalau pasal menghentam Jabu, mereka boleh gang lah pulak. Bilamasa gelaran Jabu sebagai DAYAK KING ini mula digunakan. Tak pernah terbaca pun di mana-mana suratkhabar. Awak reka sendiri kot.

(Knight stopped halfway to the door)
(He’s walking back to the table)

KNIGHT: You didn’t read that article in my newspaper, pakcik? It was in 2004, I guess, during a wedding ceremony in Long Pelutan, formerly known as Long Miri. Jabu went there by invitation from Miri Division Paramount Chief Temenggong Pahang Ding. In the full view of a few thousands of Kayan Uma Peliau, Jabu walked over a file of eight gongs – by Kayan custom, only a supreme king can walk over eight gongs in a single file. Jabu is already the Number One Iban in Sarawak, now the Baram folks hailed him as Number One Dayak. The Paramount Chief announced to the Kayans that Jabu is DAYAK KING.

DEVIL: Did you bring your hands together like this and bow your head? Did they send concubines to his room that night? (*Laughter)

BOND: The pertinent question, Knight, do you acknowledge Jabu as Dayak King. YES you do, you said that already. You respect the choice of the Kayans. BUT, do you respect Jabu as Dayak King?

KNIGHT: No comment.

BOND: Meaning you DON’T.

KNIGHT: Don’t put word in my mouth okay.

BOND: Was that official – the anointment, the investiture, the kingship… whatever?

KNIGHT: As in many local customs, Bond, such as in Tanah Adat, you do not need paper or courthouse to bring to effect or legitimise something in the native society. All you need is a special rite witnessed by many people and remembered by many heralds. I happened to be one the witnesses, and now the herald. For as long as I can remember seeing Jabu gloating in his new fame, extremely overjoyed, in Long Pelutan that night, and for as long as I can feel funny seeing the radiant on his face like I have never seen him before… Jabu in my mind is the Dayak King.

(Everyone: Oooh)

BOND: Just a silly question, if you don’t mind me goading you. By right of lineage, you can lay claim to the Kayan throne in Baram valleys… assuming you want to restore the office of your grandfather Jok Ngau of Liam… and say for example in this worst-case scenario the Dayak King nullifies your claim…

KNIGHT: Not interested, Bond, drop it.

BOND: Say for example your people called out to you to expel Dayak King and his army of rats from the land of the Kayans…

KNIGHT: Don’t be ridiculous and childish, Bond.

BOND: Say for example the Dayak King enslaves the Kayans and carries them away to captivity in Betong…

(Great anticipation)

KNIGHT: Well, if it should come to your WORST-CASE SCENARIO… I will rise to the occasion.

(Loud cheering in the house)
(Julaihi high fives Bond)
(Devil shouts The return of the king!)

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  1. A king by any names,he is still a pariah.A sheperd in wolf's clothing waiting to devour the humble sheep,his master had entrusted.
    A plastic smile,and the mouth which spurred out venoms for all to see.