Wednesday, October 20, 2010

EVENT POSTPONED ­- Unit Trust Investment Talks !!!

Our Facebook friend, Jeffry Douglas, sent a message yesterday at 02:10pm to Bera'iku Sarawak on the following matter:

EVENT POSTPONED ­- Unit Trust Investment Talks !!!

Due to poor response, this our event - Unit Trust Investment Talks - which is scheduled on 23.Oct.2010 at Hotel Telang Usan is POSTPONED until further notice.

We need at least 100 participants to proceed. Really hope our members out there could help spread out the news for the next coming event schedule somewhere end of NOV.2010.

My dear friends, we really need your support to make this event/ gathering a success. Don't let our Dayak fighting spirit gone in vain.

"Agi idup agi ngelaban"


Jeffry Douglas

Dayak Invest Group
Core Philosophy:
"Invest in knowledge, values, moral, heritage, skills, talents & capabilities"

Group's Quote:
"Investment is about what we can do for others & ourselves, in making a living"

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